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Glenn Garriock — 1506 posts
Graphic designer – Uetze, Germany

Jack Daly — 1178 posts
Graphic designer & Illustrator – Glasgow,…

Lois Daly — 45 posts
Lois Daly – Graphic Designer, Glasgow

Alex Nelson — 69 posts
Designer/coder – Leeds/London/Melbourne

Guy Moorhouse — 45 posts
Independent designer and technologist — London,…

Gil Cocker — 318 posts
Designer & Maker – London, UK

Barry van Dijck — 124 posts
Designer & Illustrator – Breda, The Netherlands

Gui Seiz — 135 posts
Graphic Designer – London, UK

Chris J
Chris Jackson — 70 posts
Graphic Designer – Leeds, UK

Tom Vining
Tom Vining — 12 posts
Graphic Designer – London, UK

Tommy Borgen
Tommy Borgen — 15 posts
Graphic Designer – Oslo, Norway

Clinton Duncan — 24 posts
Creative director – Sydney, Australia

Amanda Jones — 24 posts
Graphic Designer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gabriela Salinas — 15 posts
Graphic designer – Monterrey, México.

Felicia Aurora Eriksson
Felicia Aurora Eriksson — 4 posts
Graphic Designer – Melbourne, Australia

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Amanda Jones

Graphic Designer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Posts by amandajones:


KEYTAGS by Various Projects

A very clever way to dress up your key chain—

“Various Keytags is an online store for design-minded people who enjoy organization, happiness, and fun. It was born out of a sense of humor and the sheer necessity of finding a simple key tag that isn’t too fussy. They give us constant joy; they are useful; they make great gifts; and we have been astonished by the overwhelmingly positive response to them by so many different people! So much so that we decided to make an entire website dedicated solely to Various Keytags. We hope you enjoy them, and be careful… They are a bit addictive.” —Various Projects


House of Radon: Estelle’s Story

To support Refugees United in their work, House of Radon has created this animated video, ‘Estelle’s Story.’ This 3 minute video is a true story about Estelle who after 16 years of separation was reunited with her sister with the help of Refugees United, a non-profit organization that connects families separated by war, conflict and disaster.

All artistic credits listed on ‘Estelle’s Story’ vimeo page.


Seachant | And Our Smoke Returns Home

And Our Smoke Returns Home

A short film by Director, Andrew Gallo — Director at Sea Chant, in Portland, OR

  And Our Smoke Returns Home is a collaboration between London-based Poet, Rick Holland and Andrew Gallo. In 2011, Rick put out an album with Brian Eno called Drums Between The Bells. Rick and Andrew had been talking about collaborating on a project together ever since the release of Drums Between The Bells, then the idea for this project surfaced. The film was shot on the Oregon Coast for 3 days with no real structure and a pretty loose story.  

Photographs by Carissa Gallo


Scrabble Typography Limited Edt.

While a design student, Andrew Capener decided to re-designed the game Scrabble with a typographic emphasis. After an overwhelming response, he’s teamed up with HASBRO and Winning Solutions to produce and release his own limited edition typographic version of Scrabble.

You can learn more about the project on Andrew’s website, and you can see the final (and beautiful!) piece for purchase here. If only all of our student projects were as successful as this!

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This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Emma on F-Bombs for Feminism

So good thanks.

otomatikkapi on Miika Saksi

Wow, this work is incredible.

Luchia Bloomfield on Telegramme Paper Co.

Pete! Nice one :) lovely work let’s catch up soon! Jo

Jo on Peter Clarkson

Huge fan of Stanley’s work for a long long time… inspirational.

Petemandotnet on Stanley Chow

Beautifully designed book. I read it too and while I’m also not the target audience, I enjoyed it nonetheless. She has a tone of voice in her writing that is hard not to like.

Luchia Bloomfield on Review: Kate Moross / Make Your Own Luck