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Felicia Aurora Eriksson — 4 posts
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Ed Watt

Ed Watt

Graphic designer – Glasgow, UK

Posts by Ed Watt:


There is a light

The ever inspiring Glasgow designer Kerr Vernon has created a beautiful A2 print inspired by the Morrissey / Marr composition ‘There is a light that never goes out’. It’s a superb visual—aptly and luxuriously screen-printed in gold ink and which will surely look even more stunning in real life.

It’s a Limited edition print run of 50 so don’t hang about if you’ve got the place to hang it up!


Editions of 100 Updates

Design store Editions of 100 has updated with a sharp new site and some lovely new prints. The aim behind the project is to provide invited artists with an outlet for showing non-commercial work.

The operator at the controls of the outfit is the industrious FFF contributor Daniel Freytag (of Freytag Anderson) and as he puts it:

It’s basically a place to have a play around with ideas and make them available to the general public

‘Less is More’ (shown above) is an exclusive print by none other than build, which has been co-published with the inimitable Process Journal. The design was created for the cover of Edition 9 in response to the edition’s title. Comprising of a technical Set Square and traditional T-square, facing opposite ways, the illustration is a conceptual interpretation of the universal symbols of ‘less and more’.

Snake + Mask are by the Italian design duo Think Work Observe. Founded in 2011 by Piero Di Biase and Alberto Moreu, they were invited by Editions of 100 to contribute and the result is a pair of beautiful geometric designs:

As a little bonus there are also some iPhone5 homescreens for folk to download for free. At the moment they can be downloaded via a ‘Pay with a tweet’ link on the homepage (text inside the red dot). All in all it’s looking better than ever and there are several new prints in the works so it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

Don’t be fooled by the ping pong shot though,  Dan is much better off behind the camera on that front!

Credit to Shaun Woods for the excellent site build.


Modern Practice & Modern Theory

In their own words, Modern Practice is a design consultancy with a focus on brand identity. And focused they certainly are. They’ve just launched a new site showcasing their impeccable work in all it’s glory. Projects are beautifully presented and not only in a visual sense—you really get a feel of the whole journey from brief to reality.

They have also launched their parter site Modern Theory with a collaborative project featuring work from some very esteemed contemporaries. Titled ‘Visual Grammer’, they invited ten studios to participate in the exhibition held at MAD Brussels. Each studio in turn had to nominate another studio or designer to take part, adding up to a total of twenty contributors. Participants were asked to research and communicate an aspect of the fundamental components of visual grammar. Based on their research, they had to create a poster that would visually convey their findings.

The Posters are available to buy here—and with exceptional work from MuirMcneil, HORT, BASE, Coast, Astrid Stavro, Studio Thomson and many more, it’s one to avoid if you aren’t in the mood to part with a few hard-earned notes.



Fabian Oefner

Some stunning imagery from photographer Fabian Oefner’s latest project, Black Hole. At first glance you’d think there’s some fancy 3D rendering going on but the truth is that this project is more drill-bits than mega-bits. As Fabian puts it: “The setup is simple: various shades of acrylic paint are dripped onto a metallic rod, which is connected to a drill. When switched on, the paint starts to move away from the rod, creating these amazing looking structures.”


Takahiro Iwasaki

If you’re a creative-type at all you’ve probably messed around with a macro lens at some point. But Artist Takahiro Iwasaki lives in a macro World. He makes impossibly small, super-intricate works from carved electrical tape, thread and other materials. Many of the pieces shown here were part of the Constellations show at Cornerhouse in Manchester back in 2011. According to designboom, Iwasaki now has a new collection of much larger works at the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art at GOMA in Queensland, well-worth checking out but I love the playfulness of his previous adventures in miniature…


The new AisleOne

Antonio Carusone has just launched a new version of the brilliant AisleOne. He’s added some nifty new features like keyboard navigation, grid or list view and quite bravely gone for a 1202px-wide format. That will no-doubt ruffle a few geeky feathers, but good work sir!


Lorem Ipsum

Yesterday morning the postie delivered a strange brown envelope in the post. Thinking ‘what on earth is this’ I opened it to find a pink that in the sunshine was so bright and shocking there should probably be a warning on the envelope. Titled ‘Lorem Ipsum’, it is an ‘incredibly sporadic collection of cross-disciplinary design writing from Scotland’.

The people/person behind it seem to be after the news studio who have a sort of temporary cargo site online at the moment but certainly one to watch. The layouts and typography are well crafted, dynamic and fresh but thankfully it’s not all just style. The articles and content really are equally impressive and engaging.

Some of the highlights in this issue: Centrefold illustration by Susan Roan. Andrew Neely of LongLunch writes about talking designers. Dr Paul Rodgers examines the digital grey-areas between design, art and architecture, and After the News provides a taster of the discussion at a debate on the role of awards in the design industry.

Apparently this copy is a ‘limited edition 2 of 3′. Which is either a mistake or I am very honored indeed! I’m sure there must be more than 3 copies as it’s certainly litho printed. On the after the news site they say you can get your hands on it by just sending through a stamped addressed A4 envelope… and for our Scottish and UK readers in particular, I’d highly recommend it.

Altogether it’s all looking very promising and I’ll certainly be looking out for the next issue. Though I’ll be donning my shades just in case. Many thanks to the mysterious sender!

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williamcolley – Id take a punt on ITC Clearface

Simon Hodgkinson on Rifle: Makeshift Magazine

Anybody know what typeface they use for “Makeshift”?

williamcolley on Rifle: Makeshift Magazine


Lone Bru Kjær on F-Bombs for Feminism

Ordered! Looks beautiful!

Jamie Smith on The Recorder: Issue 1

Can’t wait to get my hands on this first issue of The Recorder by Luke Tonge. Looks amazing. A real keeper and collectable. Be sure to get a copy before first edition runs out.

Marksteen Adamson on The Recorder: Issue 1

It is a really inspiring interview! Thank you FFF and WM for the wise initiative and words.

Thiago Nogueira (@tn_thiago) on Studio Series #1 – Well Made Studio